Friendly, knowledgeable attorneys
that make you feel at home with friends.

Doreen Lupo


Pat McCarthy handled my personal injury case and he helped me out so much. With the right advise and knowledge from a great Attorney I knew I had chosen the right place.

Matthew Jarvis


This is a team that truly has heart and will take care of you, whether it’s a simple consultation or if your case goes all the way through to settlement. I’ve been in their office many times and I’ve witnessed the compassion, knowledge and integrity that they have with their clients. If you’re seeking a personal injury attorney, I would not hesitate to get McCarthy & Carbone on your side.

Sue Robertson


The McCarthy & Carbone Law Group exemplifies the phrase “best of the best”… They truly care, listen well, and can be trusted completely. With Patrick McCarthy and Joseph Carbone at the helm, you can confidently rest assured your case will be successfully navigated through the toughest of storms.

Stephen M. Daviey


Patrick McCarthy and his team helped me get through a difficult post auto accident ordeal. They took care of 95% of the insurance correspondence and helped with my doctor visits as well as vehicle repairs! I have since referred the McCarthy & Carbone Law Group to others and have heard that they received the same quality care and personal service that I received. I would highly recommend this firm if you are ever in an accident or have been wronged by another! I hope I never find myself in a situation to need their services again, but if I do I at least know they are on my side till the end.

Jacob Blikerman