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Traffic Infractions

New York Speeding and Traffic Ticket Attorney

Have a Long Island New York traffic ticket, speeding ticket, or DWI?  Do you need a New York speeding ticket attorney?  We handle DWIs, traffic ticket, and speeding ticket matters throughout Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk County, New York. Visit the DWI page for more information on New York DWI penalties.  You can also visit one of the links above if you have been charged with a high speed ticket.

Why hire McCarthy & Carbone for your traffic or speeding ticket?

Because We Care!

Minimize the number of points and fees for your traffic ticket matters by hiring a New York traffic and speeding ticket attorney.  Hiring a traffic or speeding ticket attorney can save you thousands in points, fees, and automobile insurance.   

Insurance companies can also raise your insurance rates based upon your driving record.  Insurers check your record when they renew your policy and all it takes is one speeding ticket to produce an increase in your insurance rates.  In extreme cases, you can risk having the insurance company cancel your coverage if it considers you to be a high risk driver.  That makes it all the more important to hire a New York speeding and traffic ticket attorney to handle your traffic tickets and help protect your insurance rates.

  1. What if I have already missed my Court date?
  2. What if I missed or fail to respond to a court date?

Generally, you will not have to appear in Court and we will be able to negotiate a reduction on your behalf for your New York traffic or speeding ticket.  The decision of whether you will have to appear is ultimately up to the Acting Judge but for clients that are not local to the area of court Judges almost never object to the client not appearing.   If you have an upcoming Court date or you missed a prior date Joseph Carbone Jr. will still be able to help you.